Blogging/doing email quizzes really doesn’t work well when you’re watching Newsies. Probably because the music is so catchy and they’re accents are hilariously awesome. Also, the choreography is just too awesome to not watch, so every time they start singing I either have to type without looking (at my fingers AND at what I’m writing. It’s amazing that something intelligible even comes out) or I have to pause and watch. Then I lose my train of thought and my writings don’t make sense (not that they did in the first place).
Does anybody else think I should come up with a theme for this stupid blog? Alright, here we go:
I recently (actually, like ten minutes ago, before I started watching Newsies) finished the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. We talked about this book in Seminary. It’s the book where the Seminary teachers got the 10,000 hour rule. I decided to read it because several of them said they recommended it (and teachers usually know what they’re talking about when it comes to books). At first, I downloaded a PDF file of it and it took me a month to get half way through. Then, yesterday, my mother got the book for me from the Bookmobile, and I finished the second half in less than 24 hours (Yay for real, physical, paper books!).
Basically, the book is about achieving success and successful people. According to the book, success is very little about actual talent. People who are successful aren’t so because they are special or because they possess more talent than anyone else. In large, it talks about specific people or studies (or certain series of events) that prove this. It talks about a ton of stuff that plays into how people do things, what they’re attitudes are towards various things (like insults and/or math class), how successful they are. They’re things like, when they were born, who their ancestors were, what ethnicity they are, what country they live in, what opportunities they had, how much they worked to succeed. All in all, extremely fascinating book. Next, I’m reading another book recommended to me by the Seminary teachers. So far, they haven’t let me down in terms of book recommendations, so…