Today for ETAS (clever, clever), I am going to talk about something. I don’t really know what that’s going to be at this moment, but it’ll probably end up really boring……
So, I’ve started writing a new novel. It’s going to be about time-travel. A couple of things are going to be different about this novel relative to every novel I’ve ever written.
1) It’ll be in first-person instead of third-person. I really hate first-person because I always felt that it restricted me because I couldn’t really talk about the thoughts going on in other people’s heads (which I realize isn’t necessarily true and that I’m just really stupid and not good when it comes to writing) so, I just never wrote in first-person, but then I realized that my writing is basically a lot of what is going on in the character’s head, so I started my new novel in first-person, and it’s turns out to be SOO much easier to write in, which is new.
2) I’m going to do what I was supposed to do for NaNoWriMo. They tell you that you aren’t supposed to edit as you go, but I did. I would write in my notebook at school and church, and then I’d get home and I’d transfer it into my computer, while making it make more sense, and adding more words and stuff. With this book, I’m pretty sure I can push my way through to the end if I stop caring whether or not it makes sense or works. I’m not going to care about sentence or paragraph structure so it’ll be, as my eighth grade English teacher calls it, word vomit.
3) My main character won’t be a nerd. In every other novel/story/everything I’ve ever written, the main character is super smart and super adaptive. This time, I’m writing about a normal (HA) person, which might or might not work out seeing as I don’t know a whole lot about normalness.
If my changing of book writing principles doesn’t work, then I will probably hate the world, but that’s okay, because no one cares.
Best Wishes!