Little background first: The new trimester has been going on for about a month now, and one of my new classes is Stage Tech. I really like being able to help produce stuff without actually having to perform (Orchestra is the only exception). So, most of the class up until a week ago was directed at getting ready for the school musical. I went to help on stage for the musical on Monday, and they ended up not needing me, so I got to just sit there are watch the play (for free!). For yesterday and today in class, our job was to undo two months worth of preparation, dismantle everything, and reset the stage for tonight, which was the girl’s softball team fundraiser.
Now to hypnotists: I stayed after school to help get everything off the stage, because everything was dismantled, but still lying around. So we finally made the stage all pretty (and then I went home for a few hours). Then, I came back at 6:15. The hypnotist guy wasn’t due to arrive until 6:30, so we just hung out in the sound booth (we being me, Zach, Jacob, Mr. Skinner, and Mr. Skinner’s small child). When the hypnotist arrived, he got out his super cool iPod carrier and talked Zach through what music to play at what time, (at one point he started playing You Make Me Smile, and I said, “This song is…. hahaha.” and he looked at me weird and Jacob said, “You’re such an awkward person.” And then I laughed again) then, he told Jacob what levels he wanted the lights at and when he wanted him to turn the house lights on. Then he was just sort of talking about what sort of feeling he was trying to create and was randomly like, “Oh, and I need a camera person.” (notice the political correctness…. because I did….) and he looked over at me (standing stupidly under some shelves that I was barely too tall to fit underneath) and I was like, “Ooh, I’ll do it. I don’t have a job.” and the other two were like, “Yeah.” (brilliant, eh?) so he’s like, “Wonderful, follow me.” So I did and we went and set up his REALLY nice video camera up on a FREAKING cool tripod (that confused me and blew my mind) and he turned it on and told me where the record button was. Then, I was like, “So, I just… record the show?” and he said, “Yeah, it’ll be great, get a variety of zoomed in and out parts, and thanks for doing this for me.” (talk about having confidence in total strangers) so, I video the show (which was… mind blowing and a little too… I don’t know…. to explain) and he hypnotized some people. Then afterwords, everyone left and I made my way up onto the stage and help stack chairs away, and then I stood by the camera until the hypnotist guy finished talking to some people (I think the guy’s name was like, Kerry Sharp? I don’t particularly remember…. *Googles*… yup Kerry Sharp… anyway) Then he came up and looked at me like he was a little confused as to why I was standing there and I was like, “I don’t know how to… do anything.” (imagine me gesturing toward the camera mounted on the tripod) and he was like, “Oh, it’s cool, don’t worry about.” (He was super nice….) and then he put it away and then he got a piece of paper out of his shoulder bag and it had the titles of a bunch of mp3s on it and he was like, “I want to give you a free mp3 for helping me out.” Then he had me write down my email address (which he read and said, “….nice.”) so that he could email it to me….. and then I thanked him (twice) and then i drove my mother’s minivan home (loser). :)