So, I mistakingly moved my computer back out into the front room in order to have internet access. As if it didn’t already move slow enough. Basically, I can only have one window open at a time and only one tab open if that one window open happens to be the internet. Though, I did get iTunes to stay open with Word finally, after I threatened to get my dad to scold it for me. Whenever I have a computer problem, all I need to do is complain to my dad and he’ll walk over near the computer which will miraculously start working again. It’s a little ridiculous, but it works.

So, anyway, now, because my computer is out here, I’m not really allowed to use my dad’s computer, which runs better than mine, but still has issues with working for me. I can’t help but think that every electronic I touch ends up malfunctioning. All mp3 players/iPods I’ve ever had, computers, cars, radios… The only electronics that will stand my presence are my phones, and even they move a little more slowly than I would like. I’m cursed with a love of technology and a reputation for destroying them with a touch. At least I excel in my other talents (NOT)