If it were up to me, we would go to school on Saturdays and there would be no summer vacation. Summer time might be all fine and dandy for the people who actually do stuff, but for those of us who sit in our houses and do nothing but chores all summer long don’t really have and positive connections to summertime. Of course, for intellectual persons, we might actually realize the value in education. I don’t really remember where it was, but I was reading this thing about why nerds are unpopular and I remember that it was talking about how a nerds worse nightmare would be having an average intelligence level. I thought it was pretty funny, but I’ve tried imagining what it would be like having a lower intelligence level, and it’s practically impossible. I think that makes it harder for us to be able to relate to the stupid people, we simply don’t understand what is going on in their brains (or what ISN’T going on in there. haha). People are always talking about finding the good in people and being positive and crap like that, but aren’t there some people who you look at and think, “WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT YOU?!?!?!”. How are we supposed to find the good in people if they don’t have anything good about them? I think that when they give you guidelines for having a good life, or whatever you call it, they don’t take into account that there are people out there who don’t find enjoyment/appreciate in the same things that normal people do. Or like when they give you tests and tell you what level you’re supposed to be at, they just want to know what people are behind they don’t really care that there are people who are above the normal….. whatever….. Yes………. O_o