Interesting how one forgets that she has a blog and then neglects it for 6 months…. Not really interesting, but it’s just about all that I’ve got. It’s not really like I’ve got much else to do, but watch Bones (which I’ve been doing all day) and eat crackers. The only problem with the crackers is that the only drink I have to accompany it are those Capri Sun drinks. I can down one of those in a matter of minutes, so eating an entire box of crackers is probably going to take a whole box of them. Also, I have to watch my Bones episodes on my brother’s computer because mine doesn’t have a DVD player and only has about 9 GB of memory, and it’s really cold in my brother’s room for some reason, which doesn’t make any sense at all because our rooms are right next to each other and both have the doors open all the time and my room is perfectly warm.