Whilst I really should be doing my math homework for fear of failing, I am trying to compose a song. This is not at all easy because I’m just remaking a song that is already made and that means I have to match each note by ear. I was most of the way done doing so when my brother informed me that he already had the same song on his computer and that I was doing it in the wrong key. So I moved his computer and am now going to spend most of the next hour or so there while I try to finish it. This composition (which is, by the way, going to be amazing) is one that I am thinking of performing on Tuesday for the old folks. I volunteered to do this just because I didn’t want to come up with a talk. So, now I have to make up this song and then pretend that it has something to do with Easter, which is doesn’t. Also, my brother, who is supposed to be some kind of music genius, refuses to do more then tell me that one of my notes is wrong. I don’t think that he realizes that I have current access to his computer. I could do some real damage to it, but I don’t. I’m such a caring person.